The Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA) has received a very big boost of equipment to the impoverished albeit talented footballers in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

The donation entails Adidas jerseys (16 red shirts and shorts), kit bag and 48 HAS branded match balls (brand new) from the United Kingdom’s The Higher Sports Academy.

One of the 48 HAS branded match balls donated to Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA)


Donation from The Higher Sports Academy

The Hertfordshire based Academy made the donation envisaged as a big motivational pillar to the hundreds of youngsters back in Uganda who yearn to aspire to be among the football greats in the world.

Ivan Kakembo, founder and UYSA country director lauded the director of The Higher Sports Academy, Russ Horsley for the generosity and loving heart of football development in Uganda through the UYSA project.

Russel Horsley, the Director of The Higher Sports Academy

I am humbled in a special way for the generous act of charity from The Higher Sports Academy for the donation of jerseys and kit bag as well as the 48 brand new HAS branded match balls. Mr Russ Horsley and the entire group, we remain humbled and indebted to this offer that boost the project of Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA).

Ivan Kakembo (middle) with Russ Horsely (right) during a meeting in London

Horsley has also vowed to continue supporting the project of Uganda Youth Soccer Academy (UYSA) through his Leicester family.

Uganda Youth Soccer Academy has also heaped huge praise to their UK chapter, alongside the academy partners as Computers 4 Charities organization, Pro Touch Soccer Academy and The Higher Sports Academy among others.

The Higher Sports Academy logo


Computers 4 Charities
Pro Touch Soccer Academy

The Uganda Youth Soccer Academy has special programs for talented young boys and girls particularly those in the slums of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

Such equipment will further boost the activities of the UYSA project.

For starters, The Higher Sports Academy has linkages with many established clubs around the world.

This academy has sites in Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Thailand and the United States.

Russel Horsleythe director of the higher sports academy shows off a macron branded shirt
Players at Uganda Youth Soccer Academy show off a jersey with the country director Ivan Kakembo (extreme right)



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