Bulange, Buganda Kingdom – In a gesture of appreciation and support for the participating clans, Buganda Kingdom presented each of the remaining 16 teams in the Bika Bya’baganda Football competition with a set of jerseys. The event took place at the Buganda Kingdom headquarters in Bulange on Monday, attracting notable dignitaries including the Minister for Youth Sports and Recreation, Henry Ssekabembe Kiberu.

With the competition progressing steadily, the Minister commended the efforts of all those involved and acknowledged the challenges encountered along the way. “We are building slowly, and we are aware of the challenges that we are facing. Amidst these challenges, I thank everyone for playing a tremendous role in the development of this tournament,” stated Owek Ssekabembe.

He further emphasized the commitment to support the participating clans, highlighting the significance of their contributions to the tournament. “We agreed that we shall reward the 16 teams that reach the group stage with sets of jerseys, and we have managed to fulfill our promise. We pledge to continue providing support to the clans for the betterment of the tournament,” assured Owek Ssekabembe.

The 16 clans that received the sets of jerseys were Ffumbe, Mbogo, Omusu, Ngoonge, Mutima Musagi, Nte, Nvuma, Ngeye, Kinyomo, Mutima Omuyanja, Nsenene, Ngo, Lugave, Ngabi Nsamba, and Mpindi. Each clan was presented with 25 pairs of jerseys, encompassing the distinctive colors and emblems associated with their respective clans.

The gesture of providing jerseys not only reinforces the unity and pride of each clan but also fosters a sense of identity and camaraderie among the participants. As the competition progresses, the jerseys will serve as symbols of the dedication and commitment displayed by the teams representing their clans.

The Bika Bya’baganda Football competition has gained significant popularity in Buganda Kingdom, attracting enthusiastic spectators and creating an atmosphere of excitement and friendly rivalry. The event continues to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Buganda while promoting sportsmanship and unity among the participating clans.

With the provision of jerseys, Buganda Kingdom has once again demonstrated its commitment to supporting and nurturing grassroots sports within the region. As the tournament moves forward, all eyes will be on the remaining 16 teams as they battle it out for glory and honor, carrying their clans’ jerseys with pride on the football field.


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