By Immanuel Ben Misagga

Over the past few days, social media has been awash with several damning revelations and incriminating stories about the legislature, especially the parliament commission. Dubbed the parliament exhibition on Twitter, a lot of dirt has been unearthed about the workings and dealings in the House.

Interestingly, the name of Budiope East MP Moses Magogo, also the Fufa president, has featured prominently among the biggest spenders or wasters of taxpayers’ money on foreign trips.
I have so many areas of disagreement with Magogo, especially with the way he runs Fufa, but I don’t doubt his passion for the game.

He is one of those few people who, I believe, dreams about football on a daily basis.
But now, having been exposed as a highflyer in political circles, the net around him is closing in for the public to know how he lives off their funds.

It is an open secret that Magogo runs Fufa like a personal enterprise that requires every top official to pledge allegiance to him.

Every appointment, boardroom and committee decision is premised on what Magogo thinks, with little room for objectivity.

The Magogo that runs Fufa is an autocratic ruler that has no checks and balances, but as we have learnt from the past few days of the parliament exhibition, public exposure can cause even the mighty to fold their tails. Magogo is not different.

So, a number of people have already reached out to me, asking me to amplify the campaign to have a Fufa exhibition on social media.

To me, that would help unravel the many mysteries in our game, such as the shelved match-fixing report from 2018 that Fufa has refused to release as well as the criteria by which players are summoned to national teams.

From a broader perspective, that would help the public understand why our game of football continues to degenerate by the day and also delve into the intricate politics in the game.

Therefore, it is from this background that I wish to warn Fufa to correct the wrongs as early as possible before the social media tables turn to the federation.

It is not too late, for example, to reconstitute The Cranes squad based on merit at the expense of allegiance.
The various officeholders should also be scrutinised to ensure that they meet the required standards.

The parliamentary exhibition has been bloody, but the Fufa exhibition could even be bloodier. It would be an embarrassing exposure that may leave several stakeholders with an egg in their faces.

I, for one, wish Magogo and company organised the Fufa house for the better before they started claiming a witch hunt, because anytime, Fufa may be the toast of social media banter.
Forewarned is forearmed.

The author is SC Villa President Emeritus.


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